TeleSign Joins ‘Lock Down Your Login’ Campaign

TeleSign is signing on for the National Cyber Security Alliance’s “Lock Down Your Login” campaign.

TeleSign Joins 'Lock Down Your Login' Campaign

The government-led effort is part of a bigger campaign called STOP. THINK. CONNECT., intended to raise Americans’ awareness of digital security issues. The particular focus of ‘Lock Down Your Login’ is on getting users to move past the password and onto more reliable security solutions.

In a statement announcing its participation in the campaign, TeleSign cited market research data indicating that about $15 billion were stolen in the US via identity fraud in 2015 alone, while 72 percent of Americans think that username and password combinations can keep their accounts secure. TeleSign is aiming to promote two-factor authentication solutions to help remedy this situation, CEO Aled Miles suggested, adding that his company is “a proud partner of the White House’s ‘Lock Down Your Login’ campaign and look forward to helping raise awareness for this vitally important security step.”

TeleSign has been a vocal proponent of post-password security solutions, having integrated behavioral biometrics into its platform earlier this year, and also commissioning a security professionals survey that indicated experts expect passwords to be phased out within the next decade.

September 28, 2016 – by Alex Perala