TeleSign Announces Behavioral Biometrics Offering

Mobile identity solutions provider TeleSign is introducing behavioral biometrics to its suite of offerings.

TeleSign Announces Behavioral Biometrics OfferingCalled TeleSign Behavior ID, the system assesses patterns in a user’s keystrokes, mouse manipulation, interface interaction, and other metrics to establish a unique profile essentially based on the user’s behavior. The overall aim is to prevent hack attacks, and particularly account takeover attempts, by establishing continuous, passive authentication in addition to standard authentication mechanisms such as passwords.

It’s aimed at the enterprise level. In a statement announcing Behavior ID, TeleSign CEO Steve Jillings explained that it allows TeleSign’s clients to “immediately increase the level of identity assurance for every user account they have, without adding friction.” Jillings also emphasized the unique identification techniques that behavioral biometrics offers, asserting that “from the way we move our hand on a mobile device screen or with a mouse, it is virtually impossible to precisely imitate another person’s behavior.”

Behavior ID is a product of TeleSign’s partnership with behavioral biometrics specialist BehavioSec, which the companies announced this past January. It illustrates the growing enthusiasm not just for BehavioSec’s technology, but for behavioral biometrics in general, an area of technology that continues to rise in prominence.

April 5, 2016 – by Alex Perala