Telcom & Data Unveils Fingerprint-Scanning Door Handles

Biometric Access ControlTelcom & Data has announced a new biometric access control system. The Digitus Biometric Door Handle uses a fingerprint scanner to authenticate individuals for entry, and is able to secure any door, the company says.
The system works in conjunction with software that allows for centralized administration of the security system in real-time. It also features an automatic alert system, and provides what the company calls “an indisputable audit trail for every door and cabinet you choose to secure.”
Being primarily a telecommunications company, Telcom & Data has sourced the biometric technology for this product from Digitus Biometrics, whose DB ServerRack 1U solution has been integrated here. That company has been particularly busy in the area of cabinet locking, as have other biometrics players lately, and that is largely due to the increasing amount of sensitive data being stored online, and the need to secure the server cabinets where that data is being hosted. The Digitus Biometric Door Handle, for its part, can be used to secure rooms and cabinets alike, and appears to offer an elegant solution at that.
January 30, 2015 – by Alex Perala