Technavio Predicts Strong Growth for Hand Geometry Market

Technavio Predicts Strong Growth for Hand Geometry MarketMarket research firm Technavio expects strong growth for the global hand geometry biometrics market. In a new report, the firm predicts 22.09 percent CAGR for the market between last year and 2019.

Compared to other modalities, hand geometry biometrics is so far largely unexplored, but that is changing. Products like Inception Technologies’ Atlas 2000 reader are hitting the market for enterprise deployments, and Technavio’s report cites Tyco, Honeywell Security, ATR, and Allegion as other key vendors currently in the market. In a report synopsis, Technavio Vice President Faisal Ghaus suggests that there are opportunities for hand geometry biometrics in multimodal solutions, and particularly in border security applications. Meanwhile, a current usage trend sees the technology being deployed in physical access control applications, the company says.

Another indication of the market’s potential is the NIST’s recent call for industry collaboration on developing standards for contactless fingerprint scanning technology. While that is a different modality, the ultimate aim of the NIST’s efforts in this area is to realize the potential of contactless hand scanning for biometric identification, which could easily incorporate hand geometry as an extra layer of security in a multimodal solution.

September 14, 2015 – by Alex Perala