Tangerine Mobile App Enables Voice, Selfie Login

Canadian direct bank Tangerine has launched a new mobile app with impressive security features.

Tangerine Mobile App Enables Voice, Selfie LoginFor one thing, the Tangerine Mobile Banking App, available on iOS, includes a Secure Chat feature. It lets users start a chat session with a Tangerine representative within the app, and because the users have already logged in, they’re able to conduct business such as making payments or changing contact information.

But it’s how those users log in that is perhaps more impressive, as the app offers two modalities of biometric authentication. Bank customers can log in via voice recognition enabled by Nuance Communications technology, or they can authenticate via eye vein scan—by selfie, in other words—using EyeVerify’s Eyeprint ID technology.

Tangerine’s embrace of these modalities for mobile authentication is a continued demonstration of the bank’s forward-thinking approach to biometrics; it became the first bank in Canada to enable fingerprint login via Apple’s Touch ID system back in 2014. Given the growing prominence of voice recognition and the FinTech community’s enthusiasm for EyeVerify’s technology, the bank’s adoption of these technologies seems to have been a natural next step.

April 27, 2016 – by Alex Perala