T-Systems to Act as ‘Data Trustee’ for BioID Web Service

BioID has entered into an agreement with Deutsche Telekom to host its BioID Web Service platform in DT subsidiary T-Systems’ data center.

T-Systems to Act as 'Data Trustee' for BioID Web ServiceIt’s part of an effort to ensure compliance with the European Union’s impending General Data Protection Regulation. In a statement announcing the deal, BioID explained that T-Systems is acting as a “data trustee”, ensuring all of BioID’s data is stored in Germany and controlling access to it and associated IT infrastructure.

BioID’s platform supports eye-based, facial, and voice recognition, encrypting the information to ensure that it’s ‘pseudonymized’ and less valuable to hackers and other malicious actors. The company launched a facial recognition app for the iPhone and iPad toward the end of 2015, long before Apple signaled its new pivot from fingerprint recognition to face biometrics for its own embedded authentication systems; and BioID’s technology was recently integrated into Any2Any’s enterprise branding platform.

In its statement announcing the T-Systems arrangement, BioID added that hosting its platform in the that company’s data center will also likely appreciated by many customers, citing a Bitdefender study indicating that 89 percent of German IT decision-makers think their country’s cloud providers are the world’s most trustworthy.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)