Synectics Adds AnyVision to its Surveillance Platform

Synectics Adds AnyVision to its Surveillance Platform

AnyVision has found another customer for its facial and object recognition software. The company’s plug-and-play solution has been integrated into the Synergy 3 surveillance platform from Synectics, giving Synectics customers access to better facial recognition data and analytics. 

“As we endeavor to deepen our business across key sectors, partnering with the leading technology providers in our industry will be a crucial strategic component,” said Synectics Divisional Director Greg Alcorn.

“Partnerships like this one create the foundation from which our business can adapt to changes in the marketplace and provide cutting-edge solutions,” added Synectics Gaming VP John Roessler.

Synergy 3 has been deployed in a variety of surveillance settings, including cities, transportation hubs, casinos, and other enterprise environments. AnyVision can be integrated directly into its existing video and data management tools to deliver a more comprehensive security solution.

The partnership will also further AnyVision’s expansion efforts and continue its strong upward trajectory into 2019. In 2018, the company partnered with NVIDIA to promote smart city facial recognition tech, and later secured a whopping $28 million in series-A funding. It also provided biometric entry for a sports stadium in London.

May 3, 2019 – by Eric Weiss