Synaptics Targets Gamers with Next Natural ID Module

Fingerprint biometrics developer Synaptics Inc. has announced that its developing a fingerprint sensor solution for integration into gaming peripheral devices. The company hopes to have this Natural ID module ready for mass production in the second quarter of this year.

The purpose of the sensor is two-fold: to secure transactions and to identify users. It’s being targeted at mouse and keyboard peripheral ODMs and OEMs, compatible with Windows 10 security requirements, and is also FIDO Ready.

That last quality could prove the most important. Gaming has been steadily increasing in popularity over the last several years, and looks ripe for integration with Internet of Things devices. That could lead to increased security vulnerabilities for gamers, and the same is true with respect to the increasing prevalence of in-game purchases of digital goods. Having a biometric authentication system built in to the user interface hardware could prove a secure and easy-to-use solution to such issues.

Synaptics has found success before with these kinds of deployments, having seen its fingerprint scanning technology integrated into Notebook PCs last December, for example. At the end of last month, the company unveiled an “ultra-slim” sensor, signalling an intention to target device manufacturers looking to implement such technology while saving space on their hardware. The Natural ID module for gaming appears to be another step in that direction.