Synaptics Building Biometric Touchpad Tech For Windows 10

Finger scanner icons on black background.User interface developer Synaptics has been working with Microsoft to build biometric touchpad technologies for the latter’s new operating system, the company has announced. In addition to developing compatible technology for OEMs, Synaptics has also worked closely with Microsoft on the development of Windows Hello, the new OS’s biometric authentication platform.

The collaboration is not surprising, given Synaptics pioneering efforts elsewhere in biometric authentication; and it has allowed the company to develop image sensor technology that meets Microsoft’s Precision TouchPad (PTP) specifications, so OEMs can use Synaptics technology to create products fully compatible with Windows 10. That includes Synaptics’ unique SecurePad technology, which the company says is currently the only system integrating biometric fingerprint scanning directly into a touchpad. Moreover, its fingerprint authentication technology is compliant with FIDO Alliance standards, making it compatible with a range of mobile and desktop devices and accessories.

In a statement, Nelly Porter, an executive with Microsoft’s Security branch, praised “the outstanding collaboration” with Synaptics in developing Windows Hello, and asserted that “Synaptics is helping our mutual customers move away from passwords to strong authentication using enterprise-grade biometric sensors.” Synaptics CEO Rick Bergman, meanwhile, said the work demonstrated the two companies’ “likeminded goals,” and said their efforts with Windows 10 have helped to “offer a true game-changer in password-free security and consumer experiences.”

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)