Synaptics Launches Biometric USB Dongle

Synaptics has launched a USB key featuring its Natural ID fingerprint scanning technology.

Synaptics Launches Biometric USB DongleIn a statement announcing the new USB dongle, the company explained that it’s “small enough to remain unobtrusively installed in any notebook USB port,” and highlighted its functionality with Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello, the Windows 10 security system enabling biometric authentication for users. The company also emphasized that its Natural ID technology is FIDO Certified, ensuring broad compatibility with a range of other products.

Commenting on the new device for Synaptics, Moor Insights & Strategy head Patrick Moorhead noted that “[n]otebook buying cycles are historically much longer when compared to smartphones,” suggesting that there is a market need for peripheral authentication devices like Synaptics’ new dongle for devices that don’t feature embedded fingerprint sensors. Moorhead added that the USB dongle “provides a cost effective and simple entry point to what I estimate to be 500 million Windows 10 systems via Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport by the end of 2016.”

That bodes well for Synaptics as well as other companies offering USB biometric authentication devices, such as BIO-key. It also bodes well for the many users who will have access to more secure authentication as these solutions reach the market.

June 2, 2016 – by Alex Perala