Synaptics Announces New Addition to Natural ID Sensor Line

Synaptics has announced a new addition to its Natural ID line of fingerprint sensors.

Synaptics Announces New Addition to Natural ID Sensor Line

The FS4600 family of Natural ID sensors appears to build on the under-glass capabilities of the FS9100 optical sensor announced late last year, with Synaptics proclaiming that the new sensors are able to scan through glass, ceramic, or polymer coatings. They also support a range of form factors, from round to square buttons, and can sense pressure, allowing for enhanced functionality as a button. And, as usual, the FS4600 family features Synatpics’ SentryPoint security software, including the PurePrint anti-spoofing system and SecureLink TLS 1.2 encryption.

In a statement announcing the new sensor family, Synaptics marketing VP Anthony Gioeli said the FS4600 offers “compelling, feature-rich capabilities and performance to a broader mass market that is rapidly adopting fingerprint sensors.”

Synaptics says that the FS4600 will go into sampling in Q2 of this year, and then mass production in Q3.

March 30, 2017 – by Alex Perala