SureID Combines Biometrics, Extensive Background Checks

SureID Combines Biometrics, Extensive Background ChecksSureID, a high-assurance identity management specialist, has announced that it is now offering its SureID Program to the enterprise market. The announcement comes at the start of the ASIS International 2015 conference, where SureID is marketing its solution to businesses.

In a statement, SureID CEO Steve Larson said that the company’s Program has been used by the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Department of Defense, and “other security-conscious organizations.” In aiming it at the business sector, SureID is highlighting it as a potential end-to-end authentication solution for a given company’s third-party contractors and vendors.

It is indeed a thorough authentication program. Starting with the collection of biographic and biometric data, the SureID Program proceeds to perform a background check including address history, matching against various government-run criminal databases, and ongoing criminal records monitoring. Qualified registrants are then provided with secure credentials and digital identities for future validation in the SureID Program.

The thorough system could prove appealing in the business world. It is part of a rising trend in the use of biometric data as well as biographic data in advanced authentication systems.

September 28, 2015 – by Alex Perala