Suprema Unveils Web-Based IP Access Control Platform

Biometric Access ControlSouth Korean biometric and security technology company Suprema has unveiled a new IP access control system. Called BioStar 2, the platform is web-based, with an eye to ease of use and the ability to seamlessly integrate with Suprema’s biometric solutions.

BioStar 2 sports a revamped user interface, and the company says that only a few clicks are needed to take advantage of each of its functions. Moreover, it’s accessible from web browsers, which means it can work independently of the operating system of the device it’s running on – and it can be used with up to a thousand devices at a time.

Speaking in a press release, Suprema VP Young S. Moon emphasized the system’s flexibility and versatility, making it highly adaptable in a technological landscape that is quickly changing and advancing, adding that BioStar 2 “is developed to be web-friendly using the latest web standards and is not dependent on any specific operating system or client device unlike a number of different solutions in the market.”

The market prospects for Suprema’s new platform are positive given the company’s success over the past several months. In January of this year it struck a deal to have its technology integrated into a UK security company’s access control platform, and last November another Suprema access control system won accolades at the All-Over-IP Expo. Meanwhile, this month Venezuela’s president formally announced the implementation of Suprema’s fingerprint scanning systems in many of that country’s supermarkets as part of an effort to stop smuggling.

March 11, 2015 – by Alex Perala