Suprema Introduces New BioEntry W Access Control Terminal

Suprema logoMarch 10, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     

Biometric security solutions provider Suprema launched a new version of its BioEntry W access control terminal today. This next generation security solution is notable for its multifactor capabilities, namely the integration of HID Global’s iCLASS SE smart card technology.

This is the second launch of a new BioEntry access control solution ins as many weeks. The BioEntry Plus was introduced prior to this, with a focus on making biometric access control accessible from a cost perspective. This newest entry in the physical access line from Suprema shares the same name, but is very different.

BioEntry W, now with it’s embedded iCLASS SE technology, is optimized for outdoor deployments.


It is vandal-resistant with an IP65 rated structure, offering enough durability to not only withstand extreme weather conditions, but also to authenticate fingerprint biometrics and smart cards.

Young S. Moon, vice president of Suprema, comments on the launch:

“Like the new BioEntry W, integration with a global leader like HID is significantly meaningful for biometrics and security markets’ advancement as well as for growth of Suprema. Such partnership for integration is essential in establishing milestones from the view of ceaseless provision of state-of-the art technology and products bringing higher value-added benefits to customers and end users.”

As has been apparent in the number of distribution partners announced by Suprema’s US operating partner EnterTech Systems within the past six months, the company is expanding its market presence on a global scale. The new and improved BioEntry W, as well as the cost-optimized BioEntry Plus are examples of the scope Suprema is eying: not to be pigeon holled by the reluctant enterprise adopters that t is constantly appealing to with low friction solutions, the company is not afraid to build a strong, rugged terminal where security and durability are needed most.