Suprema to Highlight GDPR Compliance of Access Control Solution at IFSEC 2018

Suprema to Highlight GDPR Compliance of Access Control Solution at IFSEC 2018Suprema is planning to show off its latest access control solution at the upcoming IFSEC 2018 security exhibition, and is going to put GDPR compliance in the spotlight.

In announcing its plans, the company didn’t name the access control solution in question, but it did highlight several security features that will help to ensure that it complies with the European Union’s big new data security and privacy regulation. The biometric facial and fingerprint data is stored in encrypted templates, for example, and tampering with the solution’s hardware, such as by trying to take down a wall-mounted fingerprint scanner, will result in the automatic deletion of all its stored data. The solution also allows administrates to store personal data on individual smart cards instead of other devices or servers.

Meanwhile, the BioStar 2 software platform that supports this solution allows administrators to automatically delete data stored in a server after a predetermined period of time; and it allows detailed customization of access rights for stored personal information.

All of this helps to facilitate GDPR requirements designed to ensure that user data is highly secure but can also be easily accessed and deleted by its rightful owner, which should help to reassure IFSEC 2018 attendees as anxiety about GDPR compliance persists. And with the event taking place in London, from June 19th to 21st, there will be a lot of European guests who are looking for that kind of reassurance.

June 1, 2018 – by Alex Perala