Suprema Biometric Access Control To Be Integrated with Paxton Net2

Biometric Access ControlSuprema, Inc., a Korean biometrics and security technology company, has announced that its strong authentication solutions are to be integrated with Net2, a security platform from UK-based access control company Paxton.

The integration, which will see Suprema’s biometric technology combining with Paxton’s access control platform, Net2, will give the UK-based company’s customers the option to use stronger methods of authentication for physical security. The Net2 solution offers administrators the ability to control and manage hundreds of doors being used by thousands of credentialed persons. Now, those doors can be locked with the assurance only biometrics can provide.

Net2 will feature a ‘Suprema Biometrics’ button embedded in its interface, and will allow admins to enroll users, create biometric tokens and automatically link user templates to Suprema readers, according to a press release issued by Suprema.

“The integration of Suprema’s biometric readers with Paxton’s Net2 access control is a good combination of state-of-the-art solutions in each category of biometrics and access control,” explains Young S. Moon, vice president of Suprema. “This integrated solution will enable users to enjoy the power of Suprema’s biometric solutions under the same Net2 access control environment.”

Gareth O’Hara, sales and marketing director at Paxton, adds: “Paxton’s Net2 access control is built upon the foundations of being easy to install, configure and operate. With Suprema’s growing reputation and global footprint this integration compliments Paxton’s growth strategy from a technical and commercial perspective, in both domestic and international markets. The Net2 integration extends that principal and focuses on transforming users’ needs into working solutions.”

The Suprema and Paxton integration is an excellent example of a key trend in biometric access control. Biometrics vendors have met resistance in the physical access control vertical market through a few common adoption obstacles. By offering biometrics through an established IP access control and door entry solutions provider, allowing for biometric readers to be plugged into the existing Net2 system, Suprema and Paxton are going a long way in addressing these challenges, making biometrics an even more attractive option.

January 19, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter