Suprema’s BioEntry P2 to Start Shipping in Late October

Suprema has officially launched BioEntry P2, its latest fingerprint reader for access control.

Suprema's BioEntry P2 to Start Shipping in Late OctoberFirst announced this past June, the device uses an optical fingerprint sensor for user authentication, and also offers dual-band RFID reading. It features a 1.0GHz processor supporting matching speeds of 10,000 per second; and it has 8GB of memory allowing for 10,000 users to be supported on a single device. As for its RFID reading capabilities, it supports most card types including DESFire, EM, FeliCa, HID iCLASS, HID Prox, MIFARE, and NFC.

The device’s official launch comes in the same week that Suprema has announced CoreStation, an overarching enterprise biometric access control system capable of supporting up to half a million users in a single deployment. Accordingly, its “primary market”, as Suprema Director of Global Business Hanchul Kim explains in a statement, “is enterprise-level access control systems, where there is significant demand for biometric solutions with ease of installation and future-proof technologies to cope with fast evolving authentication methods.”

Suprema says the new fingerprint reader device will start shipping at the end of this month, and will be available throughout its network of authorized distributors.

October 12, 2017 – by Alex Perala