STC Group Announces Upgraded VoiceKey Solutions

STC Group has announced a new version of its VoiceKey platform (stylized “VoiceKey.PLATFORM”) featuring upgraded VoiceKey.AGENT and VoiceKey.FRAUD components.

STC Group Announces Upgraded VoiceKey SolutionsDesigned for call center deployments, VoiceKey.AGENT uses voice recognition to authenticate callers. VoiceKey.FRAUD complements this feature by enabling “search and identification of fraudsters” during calls and with recordings, according to a statement announcing the upgraded platform.

Explaining its improvements, STC Head of Product Development Sergei Chekhovskikh said the new version of the platform “provides hi-tech security of client data and is more flexible and convenient to use.” Chekhovskikh also asserted that “[s]olutions based on VoiceKey.PLATFORM are actively used by financial organizations, insurance and telecom companies, as well as a variety of firms that utilize remote customer services.”

While the company targets these upgraded systems at the call center market, it is also likely exploring opportunities in the security market through Falcon, a security solutions provider operating in the MEA market, having established a partnership with the organization late last year.

February 14, 2017 – by Alex Perala