SRI International Sarnoff Introduces Iris on the Move® Drive-Up Biometric System at ISC West 2013

SRI International Sarnoff brings the security of iris recognition to drive-up applications with its new Iris on the Move® (IOM) PassThru™ system. Introduced today at ISC West 2013, this multimodal biometric product quickly captures face and iris images for accurate identity authentication at the perimeter of any location.

The easy-to-use, automated PassThru system enhances security at vehicle access points by providing exact information about who has entered. With a processing speed of up to ten drivers per minute, the system can efficiently replace RFID cards, passcodes, or security guards.

“A challenge for commercial security is strengthening the perimeter without affecting business,” said Mark Clifton, vice president, Products and Services Division at SRI International. “The convenience of drive-up identification expands the possibilities of biometrics for security applications—from border crossings and critical infrastructures to card-free parking and drive-thru banking.”

The drive-up system operates outdoors in all lighting conditions, regardless of time of day, sun position, or shadows. It eliminates the need for drivers to remove gloves, headgear, and eyewear, or to exit their vehicles. Users simply roll down their window, push start, and look at the light. The fast and easy verification process works with drivers in vehicles of various heights—from small coupes to large pickup trucks.

The IOM PassThru system can be deployed at any vehicle access point to expedite passage, record events, improve situational awareness, extend the perimeter, and enhance security.

Visit SRI in booth #2081 at ISC West 2013 for a live demonstration of the IOM PassThru system.

Learn more about IOM PassThru.

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