SRI International’s Iris on the Move N-Glance Protecting Pan Caribbean Data Center

sri-sarnoff-logo-webFebruary 25, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     

As our reliance on cloud technology, high speed information transfer and the other luxuries that modern technology has made essential for businesses of all sizes, it is tantamount that the proper level of security is protecting the mission critical and confidential information constantly sent into the ether. Yes, proper encryption and logical access control practices need to be observed, and a fully considered BYOD policy will go a long way in this, but the data should also be physically assured as well.

The first Pan Caribbean data center of its kind, E-Commerce Park Curaçao, provides the above described services and more to its clients. Offering colocation, data storage, private cloud services and disaster recovery solutions, the unique data center is now under full biometric protection courtesy of SRI International Sarnoff’s Iris on the Move (IOM) N-Glance system.

Contactless and easy to use while offering a high-level of security, N-Glance is designed for high population working environments requiring critical attention in terms of physical access control. A terminal only requires authorized personnel to glance at it from a comfortable distance to be granted access and can process up to 12 people per minute, able to capture iris biometrics on users wearing glasses and contact lenses.

Rob Vermeulen, E-Commerce Park’s CEO praises the deployment, saying, . ““A high level of security is critical to our business, where we manage network operations, client support, and redundant Internet access day and night. Our clients entrust us with business-critical data, and the N-Glance iris recognition system ensures the most accurate method of identity verification of people entering our sensitive facilities.”

“Positive identity authentication is essential for protecting intellectual property and physical IT infrastructure,” explains Mark Clifton, vice president of the Products and Services Division at SRI International. “SRI’s N-Glance systems will provide E-Commerce Park Data Center and its clients with trusted identity management in an easy-to-use, practical way.”

High use physical access deployments are somewhat of a specialty for SRI International Sarnoff. In January the organization introduced the IOM PassPort SL: a physical access solution combining dual iris recognition with a building’s existing physical access structure. The new product further underlines the commitment to low friction, high security physical access on display with the E-Commerce Park deployment.