SRI and emaratech Bring Iris Biometrics to United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Oman

SRI International brings iris biometrics to United Arab EmiratesToday SRI International announced that it has entered into an exclusive reseller agreement with information technology solutions provider emaratech. The new strategic relationship will see emaratech providing SRI’s Iris on the Move (IOM) biometric product line in the United Arab Emirates and Jordan as well as in Oman (though without exclusivity here).

The IOM biometric product line boasts a very high level of convenience. As the name implies, Iris on the Move technology recognize iris biometrics with a simple glance from the user. This makes the solutions ideal for high throughput areas of application such as access control in airports, border patrol and time and attendance deployments.

“Evolving and increasingly complex security challenges require cutting edge technologies that can be installed and deployed in diverse indoor and outdoor environments,” says Thani Alzaffin, director general and board member at emaratech, who goes on to praise SRI’s technology.

“emaratech has rapidly and effectively deployed biometric systems for demanding, high-traffic security environments in the UAE,” adds Mark Clifton, vice president of the products and services division at SRI International. “Aligning SRI’s cutting-edge iris recognition products with emaratech’s experience installing and supporting biometric solutions will allow organizations to dramatically enhance their security posture.”

The IOM technology discussed here is a great example of iris biometrics in physical access control. findBIOMETRICS recently spent an entire month focusing on the topic of physical security, be sure to check out our April monthly roundup for more on this diverse area of biometric application.