SpeechPro Tech to Help CallMiner Platform Sort Out Voices

SpeechPro Tech to Help CallMiner Platform Sort Out VoicesVoice biometrics developer SpeechPro has teamed up with CallMiner, a speech analytics solutions provider, the companies have announced. SpeechPro’s technology will be integrated into CallMiner’s Eureka platform.

The integration will provide Eureka with the ability to quickly and accurately distinguish between multiple speakers in a call, via SpeechPro’s VoiceGrid technology. The Eureka platform is designed to help CallMiner’s clients analyze their interactions with customers and users in phone calls, so the implementation of this technology is an important upgrade.

In a statement, CallMiner Vice President of Product Erik Strand explained that the integration will help a number of clients whose outdated contact center infrastructure doesn’t allow for speaker separated audio, asserting that “SpeechPro’s speaker separation capabilities allows our customers to take advantage of the benefits of speaker separated audio and reduced analytical effort without having to change any of their current processes.” Meanwhile, SpeechPro President Alexey Khitrov credited the contract to his company’s intensive focus on R&D, saying the company “assembled probably the biggest scientific team dedicated to voice biometrics in the industry,” allowing them to develop “the most accurate voice biometrics technology out there.”

Indeed, the company has received accolades for the sophistication of its technology, having been recognized as an industry leader by Speech Technology Magazine at the end of last year, which further bolstered SpeechPro’s reputation after the company donated $25,000 in technology and training to West Virginia University. SpeechPro has proceeded to attain success in the business world this year, and with this latest contract appears poised to carry on in that direction.

May 5, 2015 – by Alex Perala