SpeechPro Tech to Boost Facebanx Multimodal Biometrics

SpeechPro Tech to Boost Facebanx Multimodal BiometricsBiometric security company Facebanx has partnered up with SpeechPro to integrate the latter’s technology into its offerings. The partnership gives Facebanx access to SpeechPro’s VoiceKey.OnePass voice authentication solution.

VoiceKey.OnePass will provide Facebanx clients in the banking and global telecom industries with a powerful new security tool. Their customers will soon be able to log in to mobile apps using multimodal (voice and face) biometrics, effectively replacing archaic and less-secure PIN and password systems. This will complement Facebanx’s document ID analysis, providing a more comprehensive security apparatus.

In a statement announcing the partnership, the leaders of both companies emphasized the importance of multimodal biometric security. Facebanx CEO Matthew Silverstone explained that customers often want to be able “to choose from a number of different biometric solutions to offer our customers and SpeechPro’s technology is an excellent solution,” while SpeechPro president Alexei Khitrov called Facebanx “a like-minded company with goals to increase security through multi-modal biometrics, while simultaneously improving user experience for customers.”

Facebanx has been pursuing effective multimodal biometrics for some time; over a year ago, the company announced a user authentication system for PCs and mobile devices that would rely on face and voice biometrics. The partnership with SpeechPro can only improve such technology, given that company’s high profile in the industry and its success in other integrations with partner companies.

May 20, 2015 – by Alex Perala