SpeechPro Names Bryan Chaney as Vice-president of Sales and Marketing

SpeechPro is pleased to announce today that Bryan Chaney has been named Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SpeechPro. In this role, Mr. Chaney will be leading the effort to penetrate the US market with SpeechPro’s Voice Biometric software solutions – recognized as an industry leader by OPUS research – and to build the sales organization and operations throughout the US.

In addition, Chaney will be leading and building the marketing organization to raise awareness and create brand positioning for SpeechPro’s software solutions. Mr. Chaney brings significant skills and experience – most recently from Nuance Communications, Empirix and Avaya – in creating compelling business cases so that customers clearly see the value each solution offers to their organization. Chaney also brings extensive skills in building sales and marketing infrastructure, operations and strategy to achieve significant growth. Most recently, Mr. Chaney has focused on the use of social media and non-traditional marketing resources to increase the velocity and quality of marketing messaging and positioning.

“The business case for using Voice Biometrics to authenticate users in order to secure information in industries including financial services, healthcare, E-commerce and threat detection is compelling and clear. I believe that Voice Biometrics, which has been in limited use for years, has now reached the tipping point where consumers will demand this capability from their financial institutions, healthcare companies and even retailers – or they will go elsewhere to do business,” says Mr. Chaney. “SpeechPro has the capability to move very fast, is very flexible and easy to work with, and has the backing of over 20 years of research and development in Voice Biometrics. I’m very excited to be a part of this success story!”

SpeechPro’s Voice Biometric software solutions includes VoiceKey, which enables a consumer to securely log into their financial services account using their smartphone with only a short spoken passphrase. For extra security, this SpeechPro solution can also require a picture of the user’s face, which must be taken from the smartphone, for a true multi-factor biometric authentication solution from a single vendor. SpeechPro’s R&D and Professional Services teams can customize and integrate this software to fit virtually any customer’s existing systems.

About SpeechPro

SpeechPro is a global leader in development of cutting-edge solutions in Speech Recording, Processing, Analysis and Voice Biometrics. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise and experience to deliver innovative solutions for Law Enforcement and commercial customers. The strength of our technology comes from our world-class R&D team of over 150 specialists, including 28 PhDs. Our R&D capability allows us to quickly respond to the market’s demands, developing and customizing high quality solutions in a timely manner. SpeechPro’s global distribution network spans over 200 resellers and partners worldwide. Our products are deployed to over 74 countries. SpeechPro’s core expertise lies in Audio Recording, Forensic Audio Analysis, Audio Enhancement and Voice Biometrics. In 2010, SpeechPro implemented the world’s first nationwide voice-based identification system for the government of Mexico. As the largest Voice Biometric identification project to date, SpeechPro has laid the foundation for a new segment in the Voice Biometric market offering tremendous potential and enormous value.

Contact: Alexey Khitrov, President, USA Operations, Tel.: 646-237-7895, Khitrov-a@speechpro.com