SpeechPro Biometrics Keep Health Spaces Safe

SpeechPro Biometrics Keep Health Spaces Safe

SpeechPro USA president Alexey Khitrov participated in our Voice Month webinar. Take a look at the presentation to learn more about how voice biometrics are carving out a place for themselves in the emerging multimodal authentication landscape.

Today, SpeechPro USA announced that, along with healthcare tech provider PenRad, it has pioneered a touchless data entry solution aimed at the healthcare market – specifically hospitals and clinics. A combination of SpeechPro’s voice biometrics and PenRad’s Applicadia technology provides a multifaceted solution for healthcare professionals that, among its many benefits, mitigates the spread of disease within the health space.

According to SpeechPro, the spread of healthcare associated infections (HAI’s) is a serious concern, with more than 100,000 deaths being attributed to the cause annually. The danger of HAI’s is serious, as they include antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria and  pose a serious threat to hospital staff and patients alike. The addition of hands-free secure interfacing for hospital workers, including doctors and nurses, stands to greatly benefit all involved, keeping these serious diseases at bay.

The SpeechPro/PenRad solution is simple to implement and, like most biometrics solutions, strikes a balance between convenience and security. The professional enrolls, creating a unique voiceprint, by speaking. This, in turn, eliminates subsequent login routines. The software runs on mobile devices and wearables, allowing for data entry by dictation through whichever device is most convenient, all the while having their ID passively verified by SpeechPro’s VoiceKey algorithm.

Through this mobile solution the spread of disease is mitigated the old fashioned way: by not touching an interface device there is no chance that tenacious infections can hitch rides on fingers and other points of contact.

“We are excited to partner with PenRad, a company who is truly committed to using the power of technology to advance the public good ” says SpeechPro’s president, Alexey Khitrov. “We hope that the implementation of our VoiceKey algorithms will allow Applicadia to become the most accurate, secure, and safe data-entry platform available to the healthcare industry.”

July 20, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter