Speech Recognition Tech Adds Punctuation to Dictated Health Records

Milwaukee-based InfraWare has won a new patent for its speech recognition technology. The patent is entitled “System And Method For Analyzing Verbal Records of Dictation Using Extracted Verbal Features”.

Speech Recognition Tech Adds Punctuation to Dictated Health RecordsEssentially, the patent covers technology that attempts to identify the grammatical structure of recorded speech, and to insert punctuation in the appropriate places. As InfraWare CEO Nicholas Mahurin explains, “this simply means better speech recognition.” And that, of course, is a key requirement in healthcare—InfraWare’s target market—and medical documentation in particular. By offering more accurate output in dictated medical records, InfraWare’s technology could help to cut administrative costs, with Mahurin noting that “[f]aster turnaround and lower costs are precisely the kinds of solutions every healthcare enterprise needs today.”

Of course, InfraWare isn’t the only company shopping around such solutions. Philips recently announced an upgrade to its Philips SpeechLive dictation system, which has applications in a range of sectors including healthcare; and Nuance Communications’ Nuance Dragon Medical platform is specifically designed for electronic health records applications. That said, there is still plenty of track left in the race to develop the most robust dictation solution as the state of the art continues to advance.

August 8th, 2016 – by Alex Perala