Access Control Specialist Integrates Columbo Sensor

Access Control Specialist Integrates Columbo SensorIntegrated Biometrics has announced a major new partnership that should establish a number of deployments for its Columbo fingerprint sensor. BETHCOM, an Argentina-based security company, will integrate the sensor into its Phalcon access control system.

The Columbo sensor provides extremely high quality fingerprint images via light emitting sensor (LES) technology, and is also FBI-compliant with FAP 30 sensor certification. Moreover, the sensor meets a number of common industrial standards, both through its scanner and its SDK. It’s a good fit for the Phalcon system, through which it could be installed in numerous deployments given BETHCOM’s network of partnerships as an access control solutions distributor and integrator.

The partnership follows another recently announced venture with Mobizent to integrate the Columbo FAP 30 sensor into the latter’s Intermec CN70e handheld device. Integrated Biometrics also recently had its Sherlock fingerprint scanner embedded into AMREL’s Flexpedient AT80B Rugged Tablet. The company’s FBI-certified technology is apparently receiving a lot of attention for its sophistication, and as such we can expect to see further such integrations in the near future.

June 3, 2015 – by Alex Perala