South Carolina Nonprofit Uses Iris ID Tech for Time and Attendance Tracking

“Systems from Iris ID are affordable, accurate and easy to use. They’re no longer just for government organizations or Fortune 500 companies. The company is excited to be a technology provider to many non-profit organizations around the world.” – Mohammed Murad, Vice President Global Sales and Business Development, Iris ID

South Carolina NonProfit Uses Iris ID Tech for Time and Attendance Tracking

(Image via Iris ID)

A new deployment is helping to illustrate the cost benefits of Iris ID‘s biometric technology.

The company’s iris-scanning iCAM R100 camera is now being used for time and attendance tracking of staff and volunteers at South Carolina’s Bluffton Self Help, a nonprofit that provides financial assistance, food, and clothing to low-income individuals. It was deployed in collaboration with software developer Sourcecode LLC; and in a statement announcing the deployment, Iris ID said that its partner has reported that because the new iris-scanning system spared Bluffton Self Help from having to purchase new ID cards for its five paid staff members and 250 volunteers, in only five months it essentially “paid for itself”.

While the nonprofit’s patrons still use swipe cards for identification at the facility, the volunteers who are using the iris recognition system “love it,” according to Bluffton Self Help Executive Director Kimberly Hall, who added that “with the touch of a button on our computer we can see how many hours our volunteers have worked.”

News of the deployment comes after a slew of integration announcements of Iris ID’s biometric technology in September, including integrations into the Fed Submit platform, AMAG’s Symmetry access control platform, the Honeywell Pro-Watch access control platform, and new smart lockers and cabinets from Real Time Networks.

November 15, 2018 – by Alex Perala