Socure Partners with Feedzai for Big Data Analytics

Socure Partners with Feedzai for Big Data AnalyticsSocure, a behavioral biometrics and analytics company, has found an important new ally as it seeks to advance its technology. The company has teamed up with Feedzai, a data-science firm specializing in machine-based learning technology for big data analytics.

The partnership will see the companies jointly develop what they say will be a plug-and-play solution for clients in the financial services industry and perhaps beyond, combining Socure’s Social Biometrics platform with Feedzai’s Fraud Prevention That Learns technology. Social Biometrics is Socure’s signature online behavioral biometrics platform, which analyzes user activity in apps, social networks, and other online data sources to identify behavioral patterns that can be used for authentication. The company has managed to generate substantial interest among investors, just as other companies in the nascent field of behavioral biometrics, such as NuData with its NuDetect system, have started to catch fire as well.

Feedzai’s Fraud Prevention That Learns platform, meanwhile, aims to provide “ultra-fast” big data analytics, specializing in financial services applications from transaction authorization to loss prevention to account creation. In a statement, Feedzai CEO Nuno Sebastiao explains that the system has been “fine-tuned… to help organizations manage risks and rationalize data output from various internal systems.”

The two platforms would seem to be a natural fit, and indeed the aim of the companies’ partnership is to feed Socure’s online and social data into Feedzai’s analytics software, creating a powerful tool to help clients better understand their users and transactions.

September 11, 2015 – by Alex Perala