Asian Airline and SmarTone To Offer BIO-key TouchLock Padlocks

BIO-key has acquired two new clients for its TouchLock biometric padlocks.

Asian Airline and SmarTone To Offer BIO-key TouchLock PadlocksOne is SmarTone, a mobile telecom operating in Hong Kong and Macau. The company will offer TouchLock products through its online store and its network of more than 30 retail locations.

BIO-key has not named the other client, but referred to it in a statement as “a leading Asian airline”. The organization will offer TouchLock padlocks as rewards through its customer loyalty program, which BIO-key says has more than 8 million members.

The deals arrive soon after BIO-key received its first orders for its TouchLock padlocks in June. Those came from clients in Japan and China; as BIO-key Hong King Managing Director Wong Kwok Fong emphasized in announcing the latest orders, “Asian customers are showing solid interest in our new TouchLock line of biometric padlocks and are helping initiate sales of these new products.”

The orders also arrive immediately after BIO-key’s debut on the Nasdaq, suggesting building momentum for the business.

July 31, 2017 – by Alex Perala