SmartMetric Introduces NFC Biometrics

BAY HARBOR, FL–(Apr 22, 2013) – SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCQB: SMME) — The President and CEO of SmartMetric, Inc., Ms. Chaya Hendrick, said this morning that “SmartMetric wishes to inform shareholders and the general public that the company has successfully incorporated NFC (Near Field Communication) into its fingerprint activated Biometric Chip card for use by financial institutions around the World. This will enable institutions to offer a safer NFC solution than that which is currently available since the NFC Biometric Card will only be turned on allowing NFC communication to be inactive until the user touches the cards fingerprint sensor. All other NFC technologies are inherently unsafe in that the device is always on providing hackers the ability to capture the NFC information even while the NFC product is not being used. Smartphones are a good example of ‘unsafe’ NFC systems,” she said. Because a smartphone is always network connected, even when the phone is off, it is open to “hacker attack.” Even if a smartphone company added a fingerprint sensor to its phone it would not overcome the built in weakness of the phone being always network connected and thereby being susceptible to hacker attack. Chaya Hendrick went on to say that the most safe platform and system for protection against “hacker attack” is a device that is only turned on at the very point of the consumer actually initiating a transaction. Any other system is highly vulnerable and unsafe.

By way of clarification Ms. Chaya Hendrick said that some misinformation and incorrect statements have been published by others concerning SmartMetric. In order to clarify she said the following.

1. SmartMetric’s litigation against Visa and MasterCard started over 3 years ago and will conclude in a trial by jury this August 2013 as scheduled by the Court.

2. SmartMetric’s patent infringement case against Visa and MasterCard is in respect of contact chip cards called also smart cards. The industry standard reference name is EMV cards. SmartMetric contends that the use of EMV or chip cards in the United States is in direct violation of its issued patent. EMV Cards have commenced role out in the United States with the objective of the card companies to replace all USA credit cards and ATM cards with EMV chip cards to conform to most of the rest of the world.

3. The uniqueness of the SmartMetric Biometric Card is in its size. The company has spent years of R&D to reduce the size of the components of a fingerprint biometric reader to fit “inside” a card the size of a credit card. Having a card the thickness and XY dimensions of a credit or ATM card makes it the only fingerprint activated card that can be used across the Banking sector for use with ATM and Point Of Sale machines. This is light years ahead of other card products that are much thicker because they have not been able to reduce the electronics to the size that SmartMetric has. This makes the SmartMetric Biometric Card unique and the world’s first and only of its kind.

4. The size of the market for Banking Cards that conform to ISO standard size for credit cards with a chip and built in fingerprint reader is NOT 1.5 million as has been wrongly reported but IS more than 1.5 Billion. There are more than 1.5 Billion Chip and Pin Banking Cards used around the World. The SmartMetric biometric Chip & Pin card replaces the vulnerable PIN with a person’s fingerprint to activate the card and thereby allowing a biometric identified and verified transaction to take place.

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