SmartMetric Improves Biometric Card Production Process

SmartMetric has announced a “breakthrough” in technology pertaining to its biometric smart card solution.SmartMetric Improves Biometric Card Production Process

The company says it has attained a 100 percent increase in the heat resistance of the rechargeable battery powering its card solution. That, in turn, allows for improvements in the production process: Whereas the company has so far needed to use specialized glues to seal its card components together at lower temperatures, so as not to harm the battery, it can now use more heat and attain “an even stronger bond between the top and bottom PVC layers” of the card, according to a statement from the company.

The upgrade is well-timed, coming a month after SmartMetric’s announcement that its biometric card solution had gone into production. Like other emerging biometric cards, SmartMetric’s system embeds a fingerprint sensor within a card that is able to store a registered user’s biometrics. Thus it can scan the cardholder’s finger during use, verifying the end user’s identity.

Most of the excitement around this technology has focused on payment card applications, with major financial services players like Visa and Mastercard currently exploring biometric card solutions. SmartMetric is certainly aiming at this area, but it’s also looking at other applications for its biometric card technology, such as the storage of health records.

August 16, 2018 – by Alex Perala