SmartMetric Adds Liveness Detection to Biometric Card Solution

SmartMetric Adds Liveness Detection to Biometric Card SolutionSmartMetric has announced an important technological enhancement of its biometric card technology: Its fingerprint scanning system now features liveness detection.

In announcing the development, SmartMetric did not outline the mechanism underlying its new liveness detection system, saying only that its card solution now has “additional sensing functions that are used to validate the liveness of the finger being used on the sensor.” Explaining the importance of this feature, SmartMetric CEO Chaya Hendrick said it “foils attempts to use a recreated fake finger in order to get around the strong biometric security embedded inside our cards.”

News of the technological enhancement comes after SmartMetric announced a “breakthrough” in its card production process this summer that allowed it to increase the heat resistance of its card’s rechargeable battery system by 100 percent, underscoring the Florida-based company’s commitment to technological advancement.

It also arrives amid escalating activity across the emerging biometric cards market, with numerous biometrics specialists and financial services players angling to get a strong position ahead of large scale launches expected in the coming year.

SmartMetric says it is now promoting its biometric card, which also offers access control applications, to banks in the US and Latin America, and that a European launch is coming soon.

November 23, 2018 – by Alex Perala