Smart Cards: Oberthur Technologies Makes Available the ID-One PIV for eSE

November 6, 2013, by Peter B. Counter

Among the newest board members of the FIDO Alliance, smart card solutions provider Oberthur Technologies, has announced the availability of its new ID-One Personal Identity Verification (PIV) for eSE. The embedded Secure Element (eSE) solution is designed to offer a consistent level of smart card based security  across mobile platforms that integrate an eSE.

The solution was designed for large corporation and government agency use, ready to replace any in-use public key infrastructure systems. Combining an Android application and a JavaCard applet loaded onto the eSE, ID-One allows for biometrics based physical and logical access control as well as e-mail encryption.

“Compared to the existing solutions using smart cards inserted in external readers attached to the mobile device or with fully software-based technology, OT’s ID One PIV® for eSE suite combines the key benefits of an improved user convenience, remote administration capabilities and finally no need for additional external smart card reader.,” says Oberthur’s Identity Business Unit’s managing director Oliver Prestel. “Moreover, OT offers a fully featured Software Development Kit allowing software companies to secure their cloud-based services with strong authentication and encryption services”

The biometric smart card solution is not only going to make appearances at the Cartes Secure Connexions Event in Paris held Novemeber 19 to 21 (Oberthur’s display will be in Hall 3), but the ID-One PIV for eSE is also on the shortlist to receive a SESAMES Award.