SK Announces Voice and Face Multi-Factor

SK Announces Multimodal Mobile Authentication System

South Korea-based systems integrator SK has announced a new multimodal biometric authentication system aimed at the security and financial sectors. Dubbed Who Are U, or WAU, it’s a mobile system combining facial and voice recognition.

The system’s technology focuses on biometric indicators around the user’s mouth. Users are prompted to say a given word aloud while recording themselves with their rear-facing smartphone cameras, and SK’s system analyzes not only their vocalizations, but the visual aspects of their faces and mouths while they speak. The system was developed in cooperation with investment banking firm KDB Daewoo Securities, which is already planning to use WAU for user authentication.

WAU isn’t the first mobile system to incorporate both these modalities for authentication, but it is somewhat unique in requiring users to use both modalities at the same time, allowing for a more comprehensive authentication system that is less susceptible to spoofing; other mobile security developers are also seeking to use video-based facial recognition for the same reason. And as both biometric authentication and single-modality spoofing becoming more prominent, WAU could find a number of interested customers seeking a more secure mobile authentication system.

Source: The Korea Times

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)