SITA Smart Path Replaces Passports, Boarding Passes with Biometrics

The biometric airport screening market is heating up with a major new entry unveiled by IT solutions provider SITA at this year’s Passenger Terminal Expo.

SITA Smart Path Replaces Passports, Boarding Passes with BiometricsSITA has announced Smart Path, a biometric boarding system that condenses passenger processing down to one biometric check. A facial recognition scan is performed when the passenger first arrives at the boarding area, creating a unique biometric token for that passenger that is then used every step of the way for identity verification, allowing the passenger and authorities to do away with passport and boarding pass checks.

In a statement, SITA Airport Solutions VP Matthys Serfontein pointed to SITA’s “strong record” in providing self-service solutions to airports as well as border management systems for government clients, asserting that Smart Path is a solution designed for easy integration into existing infrastructure, and which is compatible with government security systems as well.

SITA Smart Path arrives at a time when both airports and government authorities are showing increasing interest in biometric border screening—and other companies are seeking to meet this demand too, with Vision-Box also showcasing its big new Orchestra platform at this year’s Passenger Terminal Expo.

March 15, 20916 – by Alex Perala