SITA ABC eGates Improve Passenger Processing at Naples Airport

SITA ABC eGates Improve Passenger Processing at Naples AirportAir transport IT specialist SITA has brought its self-service automated border control (ABC) solution to Naples International Airport, the company has announced.

SITA’s iBorders Border Automation ABCGates use facial recognition to identify passengers, scanning their faces and matching them against the biometric data contained in their ePassports. SITA says its solution can process travelers in just 20 seconds, and that with this deployment 2,000 passengers a day could stand to benefit. Commenting on the newly implemented system in a press release, Naples International Airport Director of Infrastructure & Operations Alessandro Fidato asserted it “has helped improve the passenger experience at Naples Airport by speeding them through immigration while ensuring that we meet the highest security standards at Italy’s borders.”

These kinds of solutions are growing increasingly popular as they benefit not only passengers but airports too, which can see improved efficiency in passenger processing; it’s why Fidato added that SITA’s eGates “are really a win-win technology for airports.” But they can also help airports to comply with increasingly strict security regulations; indeed, similar systems have been deployed in the US by its border security agency—not for the purpose of administrative efficiency, but for more effective border screening.

January 22, 2016 – by Alex Perala