Singapore Streamlines 2FA Registration for Government e-Services

Singapore Streamlines 2FA Registration for Government e-ServicesThe Singaporean government has simplified the registration process for the system used by citizens to access government services as it seeks to get more individuals signed up for two-factor authentication (2FA).

The system is called SingPass (for ‘Singapore Personal Access’), and offers citizens electronic access to services from over 60 agencies government agencies, such as tax filing and the like. More than 3.3 million Singaporeans use SingPass, and as such security is a major priority; that’s why the government is trying to make it easier for user to register for more secure two-factor authentication. Whereas registration previously entailed various steps across multiple websites, citizens now simply request an SMS or a physical OneKey token through the SingPass website, and then use that to token to activate 2FA security via a text message or online.

It’s a step toward the kind of advanced multi-factor authentication suggested by the FIDO Alliance, and a smart move on the part of the Singaporean government as data breaches become an increasingly worrying concern for governments around the world. It is perhaps a sign of a broader effort on Singapore’s part to embrace advanced security technologies, with the government also having just announced that it will implement fingerprint screening for everyone entering the country, through all points of entry.

Sources: The Business Times, Channel NewsAsia

January 29, 2016 – by Alex Perala