SignWave Unlock Replaces Passwords With Hand Motion

Battelle has released a new app for the 3D motion control device, Leap Motion, that provides motion-based biometric security instead of passwords. It’s called SignWave Unlock, and it is designed with accessibility in mind.

Now available in the Airspace Store, SignWave Unlock verifies a user’s identity by scanning the unique characteristics of his or her hand when waved in front of the Leap Motion, authenticating and in turn granting access to the protected computer. Because Leap Motion analyzes 3D data at a very high speed, the motion of the hand being scanned doesn’t compromise the security solution’s accuracy.

The future applications of a no-contact biometric security solution such as this are wide ranging, allowing for fast and secure identification when time is of the essence in any workplace that thrives on efficiency that can’t afford to compromise on security issues.

About Battelle:

Founded in 1929, Battelle conducts research and development, designs and manufactures products, and delivers critical services for government and commercial customers in sectors as diverse as national security, health and life sciences, and energy and environmental industries.

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