Sherlock Scanner Integrated Into AMREL Rugged Tablet

Sherlock Scanner Integrated Into AMREL Rugged TabletIntegrated Biometrics’ Sherlock fingerprint scanner has now been integrated into a highly durable tablet, the company has announced. The two-finger roll scanner is now embedded in AMREL’s Flexpedient AT80B Rugged Tablet.

It was the sensor’s small and lightweight design, as well as its durability, that proved appealing for integration. In a statement announcing the development, Integrated Biometrics CEO Steve Thies explained that Sherlock “is well-suited to mobile applications where minimal size and weight have significant value,” and added that the device’s “patented LES film is durable and shockproof”.

AMREL VP Richard Lane concurred, calling the devices “a good match” and noting that “the AT80B easily integrated the Sherlock sensor, while preserving the tablet’s extraordinary structural strength.”

Sherlock has already seen another high-profile integration in the area of law enforcement, via Booz Allen Hamilton’s VAMPIRE tactical forensic device. The partnership with AMREL could introduce the sensor to new fields as well, with the latter company having been making a name for itself with its rugged devices in a range of areas. According to Lane, AMREL has already “seen interest in the Flexpedient AT80B tablet for combat, first responders, and event applications.”

May 7, 2015 – by Alex Perala