SesameTouch “My Digital Life Companion” Sports NEXT’s Biometrics

Fingerprint LockNEXT Biometrics technology has been integrated into an innovative personal digital security solution. Called the SesameTouch “My Digital Life Companion”, the device has been developed by Trust Designer SAS.

It’s a small, portable device designed to connect with personal devices like smartphones and tablets, adding fingerprint authentication as a means of access control. That biometric capability comes by way of NEXT Biometrics’ NB-2020-S sensor module, which has been integrated into the SesameTouch “My Digital Life Companion”.

The device supports Natural Security Alliance authentication standards, and is also compatible with Ticket Surf International’s “My E-money Purse“, an eWallet solution enabling mPayment. Providing biometric authentication to this application could prove appealing to consumers, given the increasing use of fingerprint scanning for authentication in other mPayment solutions.

In a statement, Trust Designer CEO Jérôme Dusautois explained the rationale behind the company’s choice of NEXT Biometric tech: “We were looking for a biometric sensor solution with a better user experience than the solutions we can find in today’s smartphones, and at the right price for a consumer device,” he said, adding that the NB-2020-S offers a “high level” performance at a “fraction” of the cost of standard fingerprint sensors.

November 17, 2015 – by Alex Perala