SensibleVision 3D Facial Recognition System Works in Bright Sunlight

As excitement continues to percolate over Apple’s new facial recognition system for the iPhone X, a third party developer is highlighting the face scanning capabilities of its new software system.

SensibleVision 3D Facial Recognition System Works in Bright SunlightCalled 3DVerify, the system was first announced by developer SensibleVision in June of this year. It’s a software solution specifically designed for use with 3D cameras on mobile devices. In a new statement, SensibleVision asserted that the system “has passed tests that prove that it works in broad daylight,” noting that other 3D camera systems have “historically had difficulty resolving 3D depth details outdoors, especially in bright sunlight.”

It’s an issue that probably won’t affect Apple’s Face ID system, which projects an infrared grid over a user’s face in order to draw its 3D map; the infrared light should enable operation in pretty much any lighting conditions. But it could appeal to other smartphone makers that are also leading the new dual-camera trend that allows for depth of field and 3D imaging on mobile; and with signs already emerging that the mobile industry is anticipating a shift toward face-based authentication, there could be some OEMs in the market for a reliable 3D facial recognition system that isn’t necessarily based on infrared technology, which is still rare on mobile devices.

SensibleVision says it has already “partnered with several 3D camera innovators,” including pmdtechnologies, a fabless IC supplier for time-of-flight depth sensors.

September 28, 2017 – by Alex Perala