Securus CEO Brings in New Talent

SECURUS TECHNOLOGIES, INC. LOGOSecurus Technologies has announced a couple of major additions to its executive leadership. Richard A. Smith, the company’s CEO, has appointed Jon Secrest as Vice President of New Growth Opportunities, and Dan Wigger as Vice President and Managing Director of Managed Access Systems.

Both gentlemen were previously colleagues of Mr. Smith at their old employer, Eschelon, Inc., a company that made hundreds of millions of dollars under their leadership, according to Smith. Speaking in a press release, he said they were “instrumental in what we accomplished at Eschelon”. In his new position at Securus, Mr. Secrest will be in charge of exploring new growth opportunities for the company, while Mr. Wigger will run Securus’ Managed Access Systems business, which specializes in the installation of high tech software.

Securus is a Texas-based firm offering a range of services and solutions for prison management, including biometric technology; last summer, the company acquired JLG Technologies, a developer of voice biometrics solutions. That was likely a prudent move, given law enforcement and security agencies’ increasing interest in biometric technology. Just this month, for example, it was announced that law enforcement officials in Georgia’s Floyd County would be installing a biometric access control system in its local prison. Such deployments of the technology may be on the rise, which could bode well for this aspect of Securus’ business.

March 18, 2015 – by Alex Perala