Secure Technology Alliance White Paper Covers the Mobile Authentication Revolution

Fresh off its rebrand from the “Smart Card Alliance”, the Secure Technology Alliance has announced a new white paper tackling the mobile authentication.

Secure Technology Alliance White Paper Covers the Mobile Authentication RevolutionAptly titled Mobile Identity Authentication, the report offers an overview of the mobile authentication revolution, noting that as consumers increasingly use their smartphones to access a range of services, their devices are increasingly becoming vectors of authentication through a range of mobile technologies, from one-time passwords to biometric fingerprint scanning.

The latter, and other such biometric technologies, take a considerable share of the spotlight in the report, and for good reason. Fingerprint scanners are now commonplace features on smartphones, and new mobile modalities like iris and facial recognition are rising to complement them – all of which, and more, is likely to come up in FindBiometrics’ upcoming webinar on the mobile revolution, featuring representatives from major organizations like the GSMA and Precise Biometrics.

The Secure Technology Alliance’s white paper looks at use cases ranging from access control to online banking, and at emerging standards like those of the FIDO Alliance and the W3C. It also outlines best practices like the use of embedded secure elements and trusted execution environments. As Secure Technology Alliance Executive Director Randy Vanderhoof asserts in a summary of the paper, it’s a thorough overview aimed at “security-minded professionals across a wide range of industries”.

March 27, 2017 – by Alex Perala