Partnership Combines Secure Entrance Solutions with Biometric Access Control

Israel-based IdentyTech has teamed up with Boon Edam to bring the latter’s secure entrance solutions to its biometric access control portfolio. Partnership Combines Secure Entrance Solutions with Biometric Access ControlThe integration will combine IdentyTech’s fingerprint, facial, and palm vein recognition identification technologies with Boon Edam’s anti-tailgating turnstile and revolving door solutions to offer customer even more secure access control options.

In a statement announcing the partnership, IdentyTech CEO Ephram Yeashoua lauded the “quality and reputation” of Boon Edam’s products, saying that together with IdentyTech’s offerings they’re “a perfect fit for customers who need to have access control for their installations, using biometrics to identify people and secure entry control using turnstiles or revolving doors.” Boon Edam Americas CEO Mark Borto concurred, saying the integration “combines two high quality, powerful technologies”.

IdentyTech is a relatively new entrant to the US market; having established itself in Israel for 15 years, it now has a Florida base of operations that is evidently paying off, given the new Boon Edam partnership.

December 20, 2016 – by Alex Perala