Secunet Provides Multimodal Biometric E-Gates for Lithuanian Airport

Biometrics News - Secunet Provides Multimodal Biometric E-Gates for Lithuanian Airport

Secunet has outfitted Lithuania’s Vilnius International Airport with ten biometric e-gates to speed up border crossings. Six of the gates will help with arrivals, while the other four have been allocated to facilitate departures.

The e-gates support fingerprint and facial recognition, making Lithuania the first European nation to deploy ABC gates that utilize both modalities. They have also been set up in a way that will allow one administrator to keep tabs on several gates from a single workstation, while the gates themselves are capable of both identity and document verification.

The Vilnius International Airport is run by the state-owned Lithuanian Airports, which operates two other airports in the country. The partnership makes Lithuania the latest country to turn to Secunet for enhanced airport security. The company has previously provided biometric e-gates for Václav Havel Airport in Prague and Keflavik Airport in Iceland, although the latter deployment only supported facial recognition.

The move is in keeping with a growing international trend, in which more and more airports have installed biometric e-gates in an effort to streamline security procedures. Secunet will offer support and maintenance for the new gates for the next three years to help Lithuanian Airports adjust to the new technology.    

Source: Airport Technology

August 30, 2019 – by Eric Weiss

A key area of application for biometric technology is at the border. Anyone who’s traveled by air can tell you border security checkpoints are some of the most frustrating places to have to move through. Thankfully, biometric technology is helping automate the process. Trusted passenger screening initiatives and automated eGates and kiosks are helping make the international travel experience easier on passengers while upping the efficiency for government agencies and keeping borders safer than ever before. Learn more on FindBiometrics’ Border Control and Airport Biometrics page.