Samsung Pay Scores Gift Card Support

Samsung Pay Announces Support for Gift Cards from 50 RetailersSamsung Pay users can now upload gift cards from 50 different retailers to their mPayment accounts, fulfilling a promise Samsung made earlier this fall.

The retailers supported include such big names as Nike, GameStop, Toys “R” Us, eBay, and Domino’s. Samsung says more are on the way. It’s a feature aimed at enhancing user convenience; in a press release, Samsung Pay head Injong Rhee asserted that with the new feature “you can easily carry your gift cards with you everywhere you go and not have to worry about a card going unspent.” Moreover, users can also now buy gift cards directly through the Samsung Pay app.

It’s good timing for the enhancement as consumers enter the final weeks of the holiday shopping season. It also complements a recently-launched promotion in which Samsung offered $50 Best Buy gift cards to users who signed up for Samsung Pay between November 20th and December 31st.

Meanwhile, Walmart continues its battle against the major mPayment platforms with its recent launch of Walmart Pay, a feature of its mobile app that will let customers make mobile purchases in some of its US stores. It could be a hint of potential resistance on the part of retailers to platforms like Samsung Pay and its rival Apple Pay, or it could just be a case of sour grapes on Walmart’s part, given the company’s longstanding grudges against credit card companies and big-tent mPayment platforms. But with the customer experience improving for Samsung Pay users, the platform could pick up more momentum in spite of this kind of competition.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)