SalesForce Expands 2FA Support with New Biometric App

SalesForce has launched a 2FA app.

SalesForce Expands 2FA Support with New Biometric AppIt’s called RHEA, and adds fingerprint recognition to the password-based security already in place. When a user goes to log in to SalesForce on a laptop or desktop, the system will send a notification to her registered mobile device prompting her to scan her finger in the RHEA app. The app then sends confirmation of authentication back to the SalesForce server, allowing the user to log in successfully.

The new app expands the cloud computing company’s embrace of two-factor authentication from its beginnings last autumn, when SalesForce announced it would support the FIDO Alliance’s U2F authentication standard in its SalesForce Winter ’17 release.

It arrives as more and more high-profile organizations get behind U2F/2FA security, with Google now pushing such measures to its Adwords clients, and Facebook having announced U2F support at the end of last month. It all adds up to more security for the users and organizations taking advantage of the extra security measures.

February 3, 2017 – by Alex Perala