Safran Wins Six-Year Contract to Manage French Health Card Production

Safran Identity & Security will be the key health card supplier to France for the next six years. The company has announced that it has been selected by GIE SESAM-Vitale to develop and produce the country’s Vitale smart cards for French citizens.Safran Wins Six-Year Contract to Manage French Health Card Production

In a statement announcing the contract, GIE-SESAM Vitale General Manager Jacques de Varax explained that this is the first time that the entire scope of health card development and production has been assigned to one core actor, asserting that this approach enables GIE-SESAM Vitale “to optimize the industrialization process and benefit from more competitive offers” from subcontractors bidding on smaller components of the overall project. De Varax added that “Safran Identity & Security provided the best response to all our requirements” and that “the design phase of the cards is already under way.”

The selection of Safran Identity & Security for this project will not strike many as a great surprise, given the company’s prominence as an eID solutions provider, not to mention its French headquarters. And with Safran Identity & Security now actively exploring biometric smart cards, there’s a possibility that more sophisticated ID security technology will find its way into French citizens’ Vitale cards in the years to come.

February 16, 2017 – by Alex Perala