Safran, FotoNation Team to Offer Aadhaar-Ready Mobile Iris Scanning

Safran Identity & Security has teamed up with FotoNation to offer a biometric identity solution compatible with India’s massive national ID program, Aadhaar.

Safran, FotoNation Team to Offer Aadhaar-Ready Mobile Iris ScanningWhile FotoNation’s mobile authentication system launched last autumn featured both facial and iris recognition, the companies’ new offering, called BioNetra, will focus on the latter modality, with a statement announcing the partnership describing it as one that will use the companies’ “patented iris capture, recognition and control technologies for enabling delivery of a unique and high-performance system for mobile devices.” As FotoNation General Manager Sumat Mehra put it, the aim is “to deliver advanced iris recognition solutions to mobile device users.”

The new venture may hint at a quickening race to the Indian market for biometrics specialists as Aadhaar continues to expand in the country and find new applications such as cashless payments. This week, leading fingerprint sensor maker Fingerprint Cards announced it is buying Delta ID, an iris recognition specialist whose technology has been certified for use with Aadhaar.

For Safran and FotoNation’s part, BioNetra has also been certified by India’s IT standards body, and the companies say that they will bring the solution “to additional markets in the coming months.”

February 2, 2017 – by Alex Perala